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Loris Omedes



Loris Omedes



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Muntaner 244, 4 - 2 08021 Barcelona, ES

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Loris Omedes (Barcelona, Spain) is the producer and director of Bausan Films and has been producing documentaries and feature films for over twenty years. Trained in some of the most important courses in cinema and television in Europe, Loris Omedes began his career in the audiovisual field in special effects. From 1982 to 1992 he created and directed the Department of Special Effects for Amalgama, working on the most important Spanish films of the decade, culminating this phase of his career with the coordination of the special effects for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona. In 1989, he created the production company, Bausan Films, beginning with some 20 short films in 35mm, highlighting the first works of directors like Archero Mañas, Silvia Munt or Carles Bosch. The Company develops, produces and distributes feature-length fiction and documentary films intended for theatrical release, as well as TV movies and non-fiction series for international television distribution or internet, e.g. Balseros Oscars Nominee 2004 for the Best Documentary Feature, Lalia and Virgen de la Alegría, both winners of Goya Awards for Best Documentary (1997-2000), Bucarest, la memoria Perdida Goya winner 2009 for Best Documentary.

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